Some of you may be wondering what the glowing bears are doing all over my website.

I guess I'm just a lover of the unusual.  The extreme.  I went to Antarctica, that's not everyone's idea of a holiday after all.  I don't beat myself up over unusual and extreme design; if something doesn't work for me I won't keep it just because it's 'different'. 

In August 1999 I went on a tour around Europe. From Antwerp in Belgium, to Amsterdam, Hamburg and Berlin. I also went to Prague and Frankfurt, but Berlin is the important city as far as the bear is concerned.

Passing a store in Berlin I was suddenly taken by the site of a number of varied brightly coloured glowing bears! I had to investigate.  It turned out these were a design by Elmar Flötotto, called the Lumibär (in German).

The Lumibär is a classic bear with rounded ears, a plump body and a pleasant smile!  The design is based on an original archaic symbol found in children's stories and in bedrooms across the world. A lovable teddy. Lumibears are found standing, sitting and lying; in many different colours.  Some are even racing driver bears with accessorised crash helmets!  You can also have outdoor lumibears, lumibear backpacks, keyrings and other goodies.

My original lumibear is a sleepy teddy; he spends his time lying down. He's pink, but he's not girly; he casts a warm glow for all around him. 

I never gave much thought to what was happening in the lumibear universe until a couple of years ago. Then I saw a lumibear on ebay and thought maybe I needed another.  Now I have four lumibears.  I have a light blue sleepy bear, a standing red racing bear complete with crash helmet and a giant orange bear.

The lumibears are coming to get you!

Of course it's good that lumibears are functional as well as fun!