Brown Bluff



Brown Bluff, situated on the eastern side of Tabarin Peninsula, 63 32' South, 56 55' West, towers over some 20,000 nesting pairs of Adelie penguins and hundreds of Gentoos.

The rocks in the cliff face started as a sub-glacial volcano about a million years ago.

Gradually the ice melted and created the area we see today.

Brown Bluff's volcanic origins have created some fantastically shaped boulders that lie scattered across the ash beach and make colourful nesting sites for some of the penguins.




Brown Bluff seen from the ship as we approach

Mary, a fellow passenger, gets to grips with the Antarctic wildlife

Patrick comes close to cracking a smile at Brown Bluff
(he's really quite cheerful)

One of our all-weather zodiac drivers

The penguins wonder who's coming to dinner

Look at me, I'm an Adelie supermodel!  I'm SO BEAUTIFUL!

Two less self obsessed Adelies

These rocks are killing my feet

An Adelie posing in the snow

Another Adelie posing on a rock

This Adelie looks like he's been naughty

Finally, this Adelie tour guide kindly points the way for tourists