Hannah Point



Hannah Point (62 39' South, 60 37' West) is located on the eastern side of the entrance to Walker Bay on the south coast of Livingston Island.

The point is named after a sealing vessel, the Hannah of Liverpool, which was wrecked here in 1870.

The area has over 1500 Chinstrap penguins, a thousand pairs of Gentoos and some Macaroni penguins.

There are also petrels, shags, fur and elephant seals.

Warning, this page has LOTS of photographs of penguins!


The sun comes out for us at Hannah Point

The water fills with icebergs as we approach

Just like these

Or this huge iceberg

Once we land we come across nesting Gentoo penguins

These gentoos have lots of hungry chicks

Don't worry, penguins don't eat their young.  The adult regurgitates food so the chicks can feed.

Here's a chinstrap penguin (with distinctive marking) looking after its chicks

Plenty more chinstraps at Hannah Point!

Here's a nice shot of a chinstrap on the move

We even found a macaroni penguin, quite at home amongst the chinstraps

A kelp gull surveys events from a rocky lookout point

Seals frolic in the sea

The gentoos go for a paddle

Hearing that tourists are around, these gentoos rush up to say hello

These adelies love the ice