Cape Horn



Cape Horn has a Chilean naval detachment manned by a few sailors from Puerto Williams.

They didn't take too kindly to our Russian ship passing so close to the Horn, and became a little stroppy with the captain. He politely mentioned that we were a passenger vessel and told them in no uncertain terms exactly how close we were allowed to approach.

In 1978 relations between Argentina and Chile were strained, and the area became quite strategically important to both countries.

It is here that the legend of the Flying Dutchman was born - the ship that rounded the Horn into howling winds until every man aboard died - yet the ship sailed on, a phantom on the sea.


The rocks of Cape Horn

Posing by the Horn

The gang (Michael, Jamie and myself) pose by the Horn

There's always one isn't there? Michael moons the Captain at the Horn (notice Mary having a good feel!)