Port Lockroy



In the whaling years this was an important anchorage over on Jougla Point.

The cluster of huts were built as British Base Station A in 1943 as a secret wartime operation (exciting huh!).  This evolved initially into the Falkland Island Dependencies Survey and then to the British Antarctic survey

Now the station is run by the Antarctic Heritage Trust as a museum, post office and souvenir shop (although they do some real research too!) 

The station is listed as an Historic Site and Monument under the Antarctic Treaty - you can find out more about the British Antarctic Survey at www.antarctica.ac.uk

You can also become a friend of Antarctica (tell me, don't you like the idea of being friends with a whole continent?) by joining the United Kingdom Antarctic Heritage Trust (UKAHT).

Check out their website at www.heritage-antarctica.org


Approaching Port Lockroy

Fly the Flag!

Posing for a photo at the last outpost of the British Empire

These are BRITISH penguins I'll have you know

They have some very comfortable rooms at Port Lockroy!