Danco Island



Danco Island was named by Belgian Navy Lieutenant Adrien de Gerlache after Emile Danco, an officer on the Belgica expedition, who died of a heart attack on June 5th 1898 when wintering-over. Danco now has a small British emergency refuge.  If you get bored while waiting for a rescue, there's a copy of 'Woman' magazine dating from 1959 (it cost 5c).  Perhaps it's good that the calendar on the wall is for the year 2000, you may not want to count the days...just the penguins.


Approaching Danco Island

A gull flies over the wonderfully textured icebergs

Our expedition leader Brad poses by the British Danco refuge

I squint into the sun and offer a wistful look

You didn't think you'd get away without a penguin photo did you?
Here is a very chilled out gentoo penguin

Gentoos on the rocks