Deception Island



Deception Island is a volcanic island that is still considered active.  Neptune's Bellows, the narrow entrance to the centre of the island, takes us into Whalers Bay on the starboard side.

Whaler's Beach is a broad black cinder beach that extends from the steaming waters edge to the steep cliff of ice layered with black ash.

The remains of an old British base are here, Biscoe House, half buried in ash from an eruption in 1970.  There's also an old aircraft hangar and a twin otter aircraft, George Hubert Wilkins flew over Antarctica from here in 1931.



An iceberg floats by as we approach Deception Island

Passing through Neptune's Bellows on a misty afternoon

Here I am with Brad, the Expedition Leader

Deception Island seems quite desolate from here

But there are a few hardy chinstraps visiting the island

Perhaps they'd heard about the hot volcanic waters?

Or maybe they just came to say hello to us

Here I am showing off my fancy green wellies

The rocky entrance to Deception Island